About Gypsy…





Loves laughing and tries to do it as often as she can.

Is in love with love.

Is convinced that Ally Mcbeal is her twin soul.

Adores her dog.

Loves people who make her giggle.

Finds creativity of any kind irresistible.

Gets a kick out of quirky people.

Misses her sisters most of the year, when they’re away.

Thrives on good music.

Hates being insecure.

Is amazed by those rare and intense immediate connections she has expereinced with a handful of people in her life.

Loves Italian food.

Secretly wants to sing jazz for the rest of her life.

Wants to live in Greece for a while.

Still listens to Britney Spears sometimes. And likes it too.

Could watch the sky forever and do nothing else.

Dances when she’s in doubt.

Loves romance in anything.

Thinks kissing is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.. But it’s better if you don’t ;)

Suspects she will always be a 12 year old on some level.

Stalks babies because she wants one.

Is supersititious about strange things.

Loves cool underwear.

Loves the beach.

Can’t decide on anything, ever.

…And has only one ambition – which is to be happy for as much of her life as she possibly can. What’s the point otherwise?

22 thoughts on “About Gypsy…”

  1. Gyps, you need to get an about page going :) And it has to answer the question: where to you get all those fantasic atmosperic photographs from?

  2. Hahaha! Someone’s already asked me that and I included a link to the site and everything! I’ll tell you what I told him: go to http://www.deviantart.com and go crazy! I spend hours on there, it’s absolutely brilliant. Will work on getting something on this page tonight, just for you! Haha. I couldn’t find it before now! I’m a total loser with this technical stuff :P

  3. Hey Ahamed. So YOU’RE Rose Tinted View! I’ve read it quite often :) Will comment now that we’ve been.. erm.. unofficially introduced! :)

  4. hey u.. dropped off the radar haven’t u? :) writers block? if so, here’s hoping u get over it soon… been missing ur male-minded musings ;) lol…

  5. :) I have always had a connection with Ally McBeal too :) Errr but figured that me getting a law degree and losing some weight would be in order :) There are re-runs of it on Zee Cafe which I watch unashamedly :)

  6. Vivi: I have all 5 seasons on DVD so they’re on hand whenever I need to figure out something about my life. Because her life is honestly my life. I love her. Hehe. You can borrow the DVDs if you want :) Mwah!

  7. Gyps! you still inspire me in some rad way… like, it was just the other day on the swing in primary and we laughed and laughed and laughed.. keep the creativity flowing :)

  8. Hey…
    i’m new at this..
    Just stared a blog myself..:)
    i fell in love with this page….absolutely hilariously amazing…
    Come see my posts sometimes…

    Happy Smiles:)

  9. Hey Gypsy, it’s Akashio! I have to ask you, how did you get so many subscribers? I’m writing my heart out on my blog, but I can’t measure up to you. Can you bestow any blog wisdom? I want to share creativity!

  10. Hi Gypsy

    Would you care to support a cause?

    I’m not sure if you are a visitor to the Galle Lit Fest, but this year Reporters without Borders called for a boycott of the festival. We have set up a Facebook group opposing the boycott call and we will write to the signatories once we have enough members.

    Sunila Abeysekera, an award winning human rights activist makes a good case as to why the boycott call was a mistake, see her letter here:


    My own post on the matter is here:


    If you think the call for the boycott of the literary festival was wrong, please add your friends to the group below.

    This years festival went well, but if properly organised next years could be sunk by a boycott, which would be a pity. About 312 people so far have signed the RSF appeal, we are hoping to grow this group to something larger than that. If each new member can add 5-6 friends we will be there.

    “Whether you like the literary festival or not, whether you support the government or not, if you feel that Reporters without Borders’ boycott was damaging to the cause of free speech, please join this group, to prove that most people oppose the boycott.”


    Please pass this on


  11. ”Dances when she’s in doubt.”
    “Can’t decide on anything, ever.”

    You must dance a lot then!

    If you’re ever in Greece, do let me know. I’m a great tour-guide. Read: I know all the cool bars.

  12. I do dance a lot Alexia! When we were little, my two sisters and I would come home from school every day, have lunch, go to my big sister’s room and dance solidly for two hours to whatever we were listening to at the time. It was just a normal part of our day – nobody told us to do this, we just did. I think I caught the dancing bug then. Still though, I always do it in the privacy of my own room. I hate clubs, mostly because I still haven’t mastered the art of dancing like nobody’s watching when, well, people are watching :P

  13. Hi Gypsy, loved the write up about Candy, what a sensation she is, we were treated to the Candy Performance at this years Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup, check out the web site, http://www.nimbinpoetry.com, she has been in previous years and took out the People’s Choice Award 2 years ago, brilliant.

  14. Hello Gail. Hope you don’t mind, but I am going to re-post this comment on my article on Candy :) Thanks by the way :)

  15. Aw, pretty blog there, gypsy lady! If you like gypsyish things, I just posted a bunch of links to these gorgeous outdoor bedrooms and other ethnic viby stuff. Also, you just introduced me to sound cloud- thanks! You think you’re terrible with techy stuff, haha! Thanks for the inspiring posts. you’re lovely. :)


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