On Attire and Temptation


Old fashioned, by visforseagull

As a journalist, there is almost no end to the diversity of people I meet on a day-to-day basis. Having worked a year and a half in the media, my experiences have almost all been good ones and I can say the same for the people I have met. I learned today though, that this may not always be the case.

I was covering an event with a colleague of mine and was accosted by a lady who asked to speak to me in private to which I agreed, thinking that maybe I could ask her for an interview after the event. She introduced herself as a counselor who worked with children and then proceeded to ask me a series of invasive questions – first, what my age was and then, if I was married.

I answered her truthfully and politely wondering where this would lead when she hit me with it: “Darling”, she said sweetly, patting my arm, “I cousel young children on their attire. Now, there are young boys and priests here and when they see you dressed like this, you give them temptation. And that is not good for you”. I was so appalled that, at the time, I couldn’t do anything but nod and take her card as she went on to offer me her counseling services.

I walked numbly out of the room, hardly believing what she had told me. I will not even mention what I was wearing because I think that is quite beside the point. As for the temptation part, well, if I’m a woman and attractive, I will not apologize for it.

I wanted to confront her as soon as I had my thoughts in order but she had left the place, and left me seething. I came back to office and wrote her the following letter:

Ms. Anne Gunasekera

I am the journalist you met at the Caritas event this morning, to whom you offered your card and services as a counselor based on my attire. I was not only highly insulted by what you said to me today but also, quite simply, appalled. Out of respect for the place we were in and the event about to begin, I only smiled and nodded but now I feel if I do not reply you, I would be letting down all the women that I interact with on a daily basis; all strong, independent women I am proud to know. Women who would not compromise their own identity for anything.

I am proud to count myself amongst these women and would not change for any reason, much less the ones you gave me today. Which, by the way, insulted not only me but also my parents, my upbringing and my place of work. My parents are well known and respected people and I have had the choicest upbringing and attended the best schools and universities – if my attire does not offend my parents or the professionals with whom I work (my superior is one of the strongest women I know and one of the most well respected female journalists in the country) then that is all I need. I certainly will not change what I wear so that “young boys and priests” will not get tempted when they see me.

I am a woman, proud of my body and the way I look. If these young boys and priests look and me and feel “tempted” then I think you should be giving your business card to them and not me. It is precisely your brand of judgement that, in its most extreme manifestation, renders the rapist innocent and instead blames the victim for bringing unwanted attention to herself. In my opinion this is not the way to address this problem. Men should be able to respect a woman and treat them accordingly no matter what their attire. I think your services would be of much better use if you counsel chauvinist men instead of encouraging impressionable young women to cover up for fear of men looking at them.

No woman should have to stifle herself and her identity to avoid tempting men. The idea is, quite frankly, ridiculously outdated and anti-feminist. And as a born and bred feminist, it stands against everything I believe in.

Incidentally, I met and interviewed priests and nuns at the event and got none of your patronizing judgement from them – merely, friendliness and a healthy respect for me in my professional capacity as a journalist.

I would not even have accepted your card if it had not been that I wanted to make sure I had a way of contacting you to tell you exactly how I feel. And it is this: that you are doing much more harm than good talking to young women the way you do – making women cover up does not solve the problem. Encouraging young men to treat women with respect and without judgement is a much more valuable service – one which I hope you will turn your efforts to in the near future.

I do not mean to be insulting – I merely wish to share my point of view as you so freely gave me yours without any thought to whether you might offend me or not. If I am being judgemental it is because you invited it upon yourself by being judgmental of me.

I am an adult and, above all, a woman. A proud and independent woman. I think you should endeavour to find some pride in your own femininity instead of trying to stifle it in others.



Originally published on Groundviews.


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  1. surekharatnatunga says:

    Babe, you could wear a black garbage bag and still “give them temptation.” I love every point you made in this piece, and thank you for standing up for feminism.

  2. Vann says:

    must throw stones at her!!!!!!
    DEATH to the Anti-Feminist Cow

  3. varunwije says:

    Who’s Anne Gunasekara? What day and age is she living in? Completely ridiculous notion. Well said Gypo, that name works in my head. Anne, stick to your high teas and 20th century ways. Sri Lankan society needs independent, strong women who can hold their own in the modern world. You clearly are not one of them.

  4. Jerry says:

    Was she Islamic? And no, Not slinging mud at Islam, I’m slinging mud at women covering up because of foolish men. Just that this practice is most prevalent in that corner of our society.

  5. Chavie says:

    well said Gypsy! :)

  6. thebohemiangypsy says:

    Suri – Thanks, I know you would have done the same, only probably better!

    Vann – Haha!

    Varun – Well said babe

    Jerry – No I think the organization she was a part of was attached to the Catholic Church. But, as I said in the letter, I got much more respect from the Catholic priests I met and talked with on that same morning.

    Chavie & Jack Point – Thanks

  7. RD says:

    Gyppo – I’m continually having to deal with women who are tempted just because of the way I look. It’s a terrible burden but what can we do about these things?

    Sometimes I catch priests looking at me strangely too.

  8. Jerry says:

    RD sounds suspiciously like an altar boy :P

    Catholic church? Jeez, get out of the dark ages already.

  9. Mika says:

    haha! well said!

  10. T says:

    Well said. Give her tight, as we like to say :)

  11. Paparé Boy says:

    OK, so what IF those boys were “tempted”? Is that a crime? :S

    If you’re an attractive woman, chances are men _will_ notice you and find you attractive. Why should any feminist have a problem with that? I don’t get it.

  12. varunwije says:

    Hahahah. Good one RD. Some truth behind the stories i’ve been hearing!

  13. RD says:

    @Papare Boy – No, but rape is.

    I don’t think the Gypsy had a problem with men finding her attractive, but with the woman telling her not to dress like that.

  14. thebohemiangypsy says:

    R – You’re such a tease

    Jerry – Lol

    Mika & T – Thanks

    Papare Boy – RD’s answer to you is the same as mine. I have no problem with men noticing me or finding me attractive! But when someone (man or woman) criticizes the way I dress and for the reasons she did, then I have a problem.

  15. Gehan says:

    wow… someone got OWNED… :D

  16. Paparé Boy says:

    @RD and Gypsy – I’m sorry, that wasn’t directed at YOU, Gypsy. It was about your counselor friend. Sorry about the confusion. :)

  17. thebohemiangypsy says:

    Gehan – Lol!

    Papare Boy – Ahhh, ok. I think R and I got confused because you addressed her using the word “feminist”. She is certainly no feminist.

  18. citizen says:

    It’s so hard to being a citizen these days.
    Gypsy – dialogue about culture, society, attire, women, men, children, soldiers, politicians… they are not an “all or nothing” issues are they?
    I see plenty of debate happening between the feminists and chauvinists, but they subdue the tiny helpless voices in the middle… Is there a way that we can be culturally sensitive and still dress elegantly (sexily )? How should we best challenge – if not break down – the judgemental, prejudicial and oppressive traditions and attitudes? Do we attack them or dissolve them? Is a society where women can wear what they want a feminist paradise? Do clothes really offer liberation for women?
    I do not find any answers to these questions in the message of the lady you mention… but neither do I find them in your response… so far.
    Perhaps the good lady was concerned that you might become a hapless victim of a Dengue mosquito? Or was that the health minister? I think we have all had too many potatoes to eat!

  19. thebohemiangypsy says:

    Citizen –

    I would have thought the answer to that question was obvious and that I wouldn’t need to spell it out in my response to her or in this general blog post.

    It is not that clothes are liberating to women. But that every woman – no, every PERSON – should have the right to wear what they want and not be judged for it. It’s got nothing to do with a feminist paradise: even more than a feminist, I am a person who just wants to wear my normal clothes without being told I present some kind of danger to young men, priests and myself. Honestly, is that too much to ask?

    I was not dressed sexily – I was dressed for work, as I am every week day. If her criticism of me had any real basis to it, I would have listened with an open mind. But her reasons were, well, no reasons at all. And so I chose to tell her so.

    I hope this is an adequate response to your question.

  20. Nam says:

    Sri Lanka is full of old goons like this darling. I’m glad you got a chance to tell her what you felt. I do hope she replies. That’ll be lots of fun!

    Like you said, its usually the chauvenist men in Sri Lanka who are in need of a good counselling session.This is a country where you have to be ready to cop a lot of crap to walk down the road whatever you wear.


  21. Makuluwo says:

    I think any woman has the right to think and wear whatever she thinks fit, whether it’s to wear something very attractive or to cover themselves up as a lot of muslim women do including myself.

    Everyone has a right to individual belief and an individual way of dressing… so it’s needless to say how disgusting it is to see people go up to people and tell them what they’re ‘supposed’ to wear.
    I get enough of it from people who say I shouldn’t cover my head or whatever. What is up with everyone’s obsession to make everyone else conform?

    My opinion, she doesn’t even deserve your response. (:

  22. citizen says:

    yes, of course the point you make has more to do with issues of human liberty than feminism alone. however it is a matter of grave concern that it is almost always women who are subjected to criticism for their attire (in our little paradise isle) and never men (except if you go to the maligawa in a pair of shorts)
    but you are a journalist. how would you initiate a broad, meaningful and balanced discussion on this issue?

  23. thebohemiangypsy says:

    Thanks for the comments, all.

    Citizen, I agree with what you say and this is a really bad attitude that this country needs to break free of. I will copy and paste part of my comment on Groundviews:

    We so often blame men for leering at us or cat calling us but we rarely stop to think that women too, are to blame in some ways. This lady is the perfect example. If all women cannot learn how to respect themselves and their own identity, then what can we hope of men?

    As for the discussion – my work place is in the process of making a series that attempts to build awareness on gender-based violence. I think this is a good start because it addresses situations very much like the one I just went through.

  24. Cadence says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    If women in this day and age have medieval attitudes like this, how far can we really endorse progression and respect for women as a whole? All you need are a few mongers like this un’ to undo whatever liberal women around the world have been making an effort to establish. Respect for feminity.

    Besides, I also feel that she makes a gross under estimation towards men in general as well. Making them out to be uncouth, uncivilised primates with no control over their testosterone. Sorry to have been so blunt. Just saying it as it is.

    Good on you!

  25. jdgoal14 says:

    Its a real shame that you had to go through this. I have often heard this happening to so many of my co-workers, who often get go through the same ordeal.

    The blame put on women for bringing on temptation is utter crap!! Just goes to show how our society has progressed, and its more surprising that it was another women telling you this. Some of these women still live in the Victorian ages!!!

  26. N B says:

    Been a regular reader, loved all the posts but never cared to leave a comment. My 1st comment i guess. I don’t mean to sound offensive & mean, but i am on the other side of the table.

    1- You are what you wear. Clothes define Character. (in most cases)

    2- A micro micro mini skimpy cleavage doesn’t necessarily bring out the woman in you let alone give you independence. There is NO correlation between skimpy clothes and women rights.

    3- Am a Muslim married to a Catholic, I know they are pretty strict. See how the Nuns dress. They are all covered. That’s what the religion preaches. Same with Islam. Buddhism too advocates modest attire in their religious scriptures. One shouldn’t blame it on the religion. They all teach the same, but in different ways.

    4- Men by nature cannot control their dicks when they see a pretty thing wearing a cleavage that is often considered SUGGESTIVE. This suggestive thing is pretty dangerous. Some men can control and masturbate thinking of the same woman they saw in the morning whilst others would jump rape end up in court cases and jails leaving yet another illegitimate child, a burden on the society plus a rape victim. Could have been prevented had the woman not worn anything that would arouse a man.

    5- One can always argue why should men get all aroused? Fact is, they are made that way. God created them that way. There is enough scientific evidence to this effect. Men’s biology or body or whatever is volatile to external stimuli. Skimpy clothes are good stimulus.. Good enough to turn an 95 year old Papa on , who rapes a 7 year old kid. Sorry, but God made us that way. This is also why muslim mean are allowed to have four wives. Islam says “dude we know your weakness. therefore do it legally. have four wives. thats better than rape & prostitution”.

    6- Men by nature are WEAK. They are sex starved creatures. This is why you see men having beautiful wives frequenting brothels. Ever thought why? they want more and more of it. So the only way for a woman is to take some precautions.

    7- Modest clothes aren’t something you should be ashamed to wear coz everyone else wears the so-called modern dress. Both my sisters are professionals, a nuero surgeon and a barrister residing in London and Lahore. They wear modest clothes. They are succesful in their chosen fields. End of the day, its how you carry yourself that matters.

    8- My wife is Journo herself attached to Channel news asia, a media corp company, world’s largest media giant. She still wears clothes what one would call “modest attire” eventhough i would like to see her in a bikini :-)

    9- Shorter the skirt, higher the freedom. Is that it? How about NO clothes at all? They give you the best form of freedom…. :-)

    For a wicked answer, please do see this Youtube clip.

    There are five parts to it. Please see everything. Hope you will be enlightened.

    Once again, sorry about the long comment and my two sense, but a candid opinion…

  27. thebohemiangypsy says:


    First things first: I am not interested in reviving the “debate” that you sparked with your post about the girl in the elevator. My dress is not the issue here – because I was there as a professional, wearing clothes befitting my work place. I refuse to describe what I was wearing because I think it’s totally off the point: I have said I was wearing work clothes, that should be enough.

    I think you are being highly insulting to your own sex. You have basically described men as neanderthaals who have minimal brainpower and who are governed only by their sexual urges. Maybe you speak from experience, but I too speak from my own when I say that most of the men I associate with are not at all like that. I seem to have more respect for men than you do.

    This letter was not meant to be a comment on what women should and should not wear, nor on how men should and should not behave. Still, what I wore was perfectly appropriate, and the men, nuns and priests that I met behaved in a way that was without fault.

    The only person whose behaviour is being called into question is the lady to whom this letter is addressed. I judge people based on their behaviour and treatment of others, NOT their dress, and this woman was appalling on every count.

    Thank you for your remarks though, and the link. If nothing else, I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

  28. thebohemiangypsy says:


    By the way, this is an excerpt from my letter to the woman –

    “It is precisely your brand of judgement that, in its most extreme manifestation, renders the rapist innocent and instead blames the victim for bringing unwanted attention to herself.”

    Congratulations, NB, you ARE this most extreme manifestation. You just admitted it in your comment. Scary.

  29. N B says:

    Wow… the way you refuse to tell what you were wearing… only makes me that much more curious to know what you were wearing :-)

    That said, let me reiterate i stand by my comments. As for men and my insult on my own gender, truth is always bitter. Loser men are loser men irrespective of their appeal to the fairer sex. Now what makes you think all men (including the clergy in question) you have come across in life are decent? Woman i tell you, trust only your dad. He is the only man you can rely on. Ever heard of backstabbing, playing for the gallery and good behaviour infront of women? Most men do that.

    As for work place and their positive attitudes, you might wanna do a secret poll and survey to ascertain what people “REALLY” think of “Gypsy”. Its just part of corporate culture that we put up with everything. but if we are given a chance to talk, we certainly would. When that opportunity comes with “guranteed anonymity” trust me, you will hear all things you never heard in your career life. Just that Srilankans don’t like to offend, but that doesn’t necesarily mean they are happy and agree wholeheartedly. All men are good actors. Well this includes me as well, unfortunately.

    It is often said women always hide, but in my opinion its the men. They always want to impress so they sing to the tune with politically correct comments and opinions. Sorry i don’t believe in them. Trust me, men who talk less, men who appear decent, men who seem harmless are pretty dangerous. They just know how to be diplomatic, how to manipulate and survive in this world.

    Are you sure these men you came across don’t say anything bad about you in your absence? Chances are all these well behaved clergy and other men were waiting for you to leave whilst enjoying it when you were there. Very likely atleast one of them would have said

    “Did you notice that gypsy journo thing? pretty hot and —– —- —- — blah blah blah…. ” (CENSORED by NB).

    Men do that all the time. They gossip as much as women do. Same men who would have been pretty DECENT in your presence… But they discuss. Chances are same people (who you claim were OK with you) disscussed you in ways you would never imagine, ofcourse AFTER YOU ARE GONE. That’s how this society operates. Always politically correct and playing it safe.

    Excerpts from your letter to Anne Gunesekara,

    “It is precisely your brand of judgement that, in its most extreme manifestation, renders the rapist innocent and instead blames the victim for bringing unwanted attention to herself.”

    Well, what can i say? Ever heard of “Karma” or “Cause and Effect” as thought by Buddha? Now this is scary for you? i didn’t say this. Buddha said this… Scary Buddha ? :-)

    Since you are a modern girl who considers herself “strong & independent” wearing clothes others find distasteful, let me try explain it in your own modern way, that of using science & logic.

    Ever heard of Newton’s theory? That every action has an equal & opposite reaction. Apply that in context. Men react to stimuli. When the stimuli is a pretty thing in a cleavage, its all the more reason for men to do what they do. Fact is they do, some openly, some in private. But somehow they do.

    Going by “Karma” (if you are spiritual that is) and by Newton’s law (if you belong to 21st century that is), Every crime has a root cause to it. So punish the culprit as well as the root cause. In this case, the man who couldn’t control his ding dong bell (who is the effect or reaction) and ofcourse more importantly the cause or the action or the silly woman who thought she would feel confident, strong, feminine, adventerous, modern, professional and damn cute wearing a cleavage that supposedly entitles her to self expression and freedom… Stupidity i tell you has no limits in Sri lanka.

    Men are curious about what is hidden, but are aroused and violent when its out in the open. But NB believes Some things are beautiful hidden :-)

    I see NO reason as to why you should get offended by Anne Gune. Afterall she didn’t tell you that in public, nor did she insult you in public. Only took you to a place in private, told what she felt. May be it was sincere. May be she was genuine. May be she really cared, but made a fool of herself by telling you that directly and in a childish way. May be she lacked communication skills. Let’s face it, some people do say bad things to face but with a good intention. It does take some maturity to understand that in context than get all angry and write letters… Come on yeah…

    Thank you for the comments. I enjoyed the conversation though i am not going to agree with you… NO, a BIG NO… Sorry… Let’s agree to disagree.

    Finally on a lighter note, I know what Bohemian gypsies wear. Leaves & fruits no? Choose palm tree leaves next time. They are solid :-)

    Take care.. :-)

  30. thebohemiangypsy says:


    Er, yes. I was wearing leaves and fruits. That’s it, right there. That’s what I wear to work everyday. That being said, your assumptions on my clothing are telling of your knowledge of women. As are your mass generalizations, although I find them too amusing to be insulted by. Apparently stupidity knows no limit in Shanghai as well!

    Also, Newton, not to mention the Buddha, would turn in their graves knowing you’re using their theories to excuse rape. But to each to their own. Maybe I can give you Anne’s number, sure you two would get along famously.

    As for this fantastic statement:
    “Let’s face it, some people do say bad things to face but with a good intention. It does take some maturity to understand that in context than get all angry and write letters… ”
    That’s just hilarious considering your history. Practice what you preach my friend.

    Yes – by all means, let’s agree to disagree and leave it there.


  31. N B says:

    Wow Wow… Currently am in Colombo, just came on a short visit. 3 days. Not in Shanghai anymore, back to base in Singapore where i legally belong :-)

    Newton & Buddha would turn in their graves? Very smart you are. No, I am not defending rape. Rape is rape. i don’t think i will tolerate that. I get annoyed even if another man stares at my wife or my kids (two girls aged 3 & 5). May be i am a little too extreme as always…

    As for my history, you don’t know it girl :-) I reacted violently with RD having put up with him thrice. Obviously i was mature enough to acknowledge him, but lost patience and turned hysterical when he continued picking on me. Seriously i wouldn’t have if it was another person. Violence was a last resort. Anyway that’s done and past.

    But seriously i think you should have given it some time, given it some thought without writing mails as soon as you came to office. No one ever made a good decision when they were angry. Just think… You in Anne Gune’s shoes….

    Anyways, its all part of growing up i guess….

    BTW, thank you for accomodating my comments unmoderated. Atleast you have that maturity. Atleast you are listening to a different view. Thats nice of you… That shows you have some sense..

    Now I am imagining my wife in leaves & fruits…

    Tk care :-)

  32. thebohemiangypsy says:

    You do that NB, lol.

  33. Charmed says:

    NB – in future, I suggest you do some further research if you are going to use scientific theories to justify things they were never intended to justify. Newton’s rule, which you blithely use to excuse rape (and you DO, despite your last comment to Gypsy. I quote your own words: “Ever heard of Newton’s theory? That every action has an equal & opposite reaction. Apply that in context. Men react to stimuli. When the stimuli is a pretty thing in a cleavage, its all the more reason for men to do what they do. Fact is they do, some openly, some in private. But somehow they do…Going by “Karma” (if you are spiritual that is) and by Newton’s law (if you belong to 21st century that is), Every crime has a root cause to it. So punish the culprit as well as the root cause. In this case, the man who couldn’t control his ding dong bell (who is the effect or reaction) and ofcourse more importantly the cause or the action or the silly woman who thought she would feel confident, strong, feminine, adventerous, modern, professional and damn cute wearing a cleavage…), is the third law of motion and applies to particles and the forces they exert on each other. It is a law of physics and not one of behaviour. Using Newton’s law in the way you did illustrates your complete ignorance – of physics and of codes of behaviour that are ingrained in modern society. Human beings are not inanimate objects that have no choice but to react to each and every “stimulus” they receive. There are some small things called “thought”, “control”, “feeling”, “judgment” that usually intervene. Judging by your comments though, I don’t believe you have heard of them.
    As for your argument based on Karma – I am sorry, but whatever individuals might believe, society does not function on the laws of Karma. If you were to stand up in a court of law and argue that a victim of rape, or for that matter, of any crime, should be punished for being the “root cause” of that crime, you would be laughed out of the room.
    Finally, a comment on your harping on about what Gypsy was wearing during the incident in question – as she correctly pointed out, you have completed missed the point of her post. It was not meant to be a comment on what women should and should not wear. She was definitely not arguing that wearing provocative clothing is what makes women confident, independent and powerful. She was simply stating that women should be allowed to wear whatever they want without being labelled as “provocative” or “tempting”.

    I doubt this has clarified your warped understanding of Gypsy’s post, or more importantly, of basic codes of conduct. Is it too much to hope that you might now have an inkling of an idea that your perspective is, to put it mildly, simply not normal.

  34. thebohemiangypsy says:

    Charmed – Omg! Score! Love you darling, brilliantly put.

    NB – I’m sure you will send a very, very, very long reply to Charmed but I think this conversation has gone far enough. Like you said, let’s agree to disagree. You have your rather medieval views and Charmed and I have ours. And they are so far off, they are never going to meet at any point of commonality. So let me save you the trouble of a long winded response – there is no need, you have already made your point crystal clear to anyone who may take the time to read them. Cheers.

  35. NB's a Tosser says:


    I’m a man and you are a disgrace to men.

    You should be living in a cave and hunting for your food, not blogging on the net.
    With your mentality you’d fit right in.

    You are one of those people who seem to think rape is the victims fault (because she wore a short skirt????).

  36. David Blacker says:

    “You should be living in a cave and hunting for your food”

    He’d probably starve if he couldn’t google ‘food’.

  37. N B says:

    Gosh… This is interesting :-)

    @ Charmed – Yes. Read my comments carefully. My stance is clear. I condemn everything, skimpy cloths & rape. As for your scientific reasoning, sorry i am a layman, but i do know Human body is made of Atoms, small particles that react to a given stimuli like other objects. Whilst I agree it is our sixth sense or (thoughts feelings and judgements as you say) differenciates us as humans, we are still objects that respond to stimulus. Anyway thanks for replying whoever you are. I enjoyed it.

    @ Gypsy – Yes. lets keep it that way

    @ NB’s a Tosser – Kindly read my comments carefully. Hopefully you will be enlightened though i can not gurantee you will :-)

    @ David – Ha Haa my friend. Long time No see ? Hope all’s well. I meant your brain :-) Liked your sarcasm though !

    Thank you guys. I am officially Off :-) Take care.

  38. RD says:

    Hands up if you know what sarcasm is. Not so fast NB!

  39. Kaos says:

    My darling T,

    You’re trying to argue this point with a Muslim man? Give it up. Anyone wonder how many rape victims NB has under his belt seeing as his ding dong bell has to serve as his brain as well as the usual thing?

    Rape is a crime because some smart person, who luckily for us women had a brain in addition to reproductive organs, decided that it should be. They also thought it reasonable to assume that one’s sexual impulses could be controlled and isn’t it amazing that most men seem to think that’s acceptable? If it were so impossible the logical thing would have been to ban cleavage. NB must be so confused by this illogical law.

    I really feel for his two girls :(.. Poor things..

  40. thebohemiangypsy says:


    Babe, this is a guy who has another blog under a girl’s name (Rehani) and has written a post about this whole issue – http://theniceblogs.blogspot.com/2009/07/nude-gypsy-introduces-new-dress-code.html – where he tells me I shouldn’t have included this woman’s name – this woman who gave me her card and wants her business advertised. While he makes it a practice to reveal anonymous bloggers on his OTHER blog. Yeah. So now you have an idea of his sense of logic. Don’t worry your head about it too much. His life appears to be his multiple blog personalities. Vut to do :P

  41. MT says:


    Unbelievable tosh!

    Surely, you understand the concept of being responsible for your actions… “Self-control” is not an alien concept either in Islam, Christianity or Buddhism.

    To try to equate “cause” and “effect” is fine, if you actually get what the “cause” is… The “cause” is not the woman’s attire, it is the feeble-minded man who looks at all women as chattals – objects to be used as he sees fit, with no respect for them as human beings…

    If you are so unable to control yourself in modern society, then please, kindly withdraw from it, to a place where you are able to exercise more control over yourself… Become a hermit!

  42. Dee says:

    Agreed with MT. Self control is the key.

  43. Black Rose says:

    Well said Darling.

  44. Sigma Delta says:

    Wear what you please – if it offends someone, THEY can turn a blind eye!

  45. Well done Gypsy, bravo aleik as they say in the Arabia! With you all the way!

  46. thebohemiangypsy says:

    Serendib: Thank you! Unfortunately I still haven’t got a response from this lady. Pity she didn’t rise to the challenge :P

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