Simple pleasures…


Umbrella Girl, by endintears

It’s taken a while, but here’s my list of random, silly things that make me happy. Inspired by RD’s adorable post. More than ten, but I’ve always been prone to rambling :)

  • Coming home after a long, tiring, crowded day and finding myself deliciously alone, left up to my own devices for the evening.
  • Hugging someone and breathing them in.  Safe, warm, loved.
  • Getting that urge to write – I never know when it’ll hit me or what will come out of me when it does, but I love that feeling of sudden, uncontrollable  inspiration. Like I’ll go mad if I don’t find a pen and some surface to write on.
  • Watching babies do anything.
  • When someone strokes my hair. It (literally) makes me purr.
  • Curling up to a movie or book with cookies and milk. And a blanket. And chocolate.
  • When I reach the last page of a great novel and want to cry because it’s over and I feel too much a part of it to let go.
  • Walking nowhere, anywhere, listening to my ipod, the soundtrack to my life.
  • Looking at anything beautiful, be it a panoramic view, a nice car, the beach, a flower, a great photograph, or my best friend’s perfect features.
  • Duvets. Especially when it’s cold and all I have to do to be toasty warm is crawl under my blanket :)
  • Those chance moments when you’re with someone incredible and a song comes on the radio that compliments the situation perfectly.
  • Meeting someone you have an instant connection with. And when I say instant, I mean when you realize in a matter of seconds, or words that you’re meant to know that person.
  • Jazz, sunshine and wine.
  • Singing. Alone. With my sisters. With a friend. With a choir. In a production. In the shower. To someone I love.
  • The passing whiff of a really sexy cologne. One that makes you whip around, looking for its wearer. You usually can’t tell who it is but it’s a moment of excited expectancy. Tortureful and very silly. But great.
  • Trees with flowers on them. Don’t ask why, but I love them.
  • Melted butter.
  • Hearing a great laugh. One that makes me do or say silly things just to hear it again.
  • Watching a face you know really well, but that you never tire of. Just… watching.
  • Getting a cute text when you’re really busy and in the middle of a hundred different things. The kind that makes you stop, just for a second or two, and smile.
  • The initial stages of a crush – When you fall over your words and yourself in front of them. When you can’t stop staring at them. When you notice everything. When you meet their eyes. When you see them smile. When your heart literally skips a beat when you hear them say your name. When all corny love songs strangely start making sense. When you know the attraction is mutual but neither of you say a word to let on that you feel anything out of the ordinary.



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The real truth is, I probably don't want to be too happy or content. Because, then what? I actually like the quest, the search. That's the fun. The more lost you are, the more you have to look forward to. What do you know? I'm having a great time and I don't even know it. - Ally McBeal

14 thoughts on “Simple pleasures…”

  1. yup,, i guess the last one can be related to by most ppl! someone ones told me that however serious and beautiful a relationship gets, on hindsight the best moments are the silly and immature initial stages :)

  2. RD – But I love, love, love, love it. It’s the most amazing feeling ever. I am also a serial hair player – so I give as well as receive! :)

    Whackster – Yup!

    Jerry – It’s the yummiest thing ever. I love melted butter. On anything. Even plain. I stay away because it’s so terribly unhealthy. But I still love it.

    Aufidius – Totally. I love being ridiculous with someone I like. It’s the funnest thing.

  3. This is just darned cute. I can relate to most of your randonmess, especially the instant connection, and the walking habits.

    Here’s to life babe :) Because it’s the little things that matter and you just proved it :)

    Hope you have one heck of a great day, thanks for making mine a little bit more sunshiny :)

  4. Fallen – Yeah, you know it!

    Black Rose – Thank you! Have a great day too :)

    Serendib – Mmmm… :)

  5. Super list MFG, may I do one too? There’s so much in here that I can relate to though. The attachment to the characters in a book and the separation anxiety that comes at the end of it, the wine & jazz, the duvet, the chocolate… oh so much…even the butter! But still, may I? :D

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