“Of cabbages and kings…”


Signs, by Rasuul

He leans back in his chair and watches her, enjoying the way she studiously avoids his gaze. She studies the menu in front of her, bending over it, giving it more attention than it needs. Her hair falls over her face and his eyes follow her quick move to tuck the strands behind her ear. It’s a sweet, school-girlish gesture and he realizes that he’s smiling.


She’s nervous. And she knows he knows it. With the little cool she has fast running out, she stares unseeingly at the menu, racking her brains for something sophisticated to say. Too quickly, the waiter comes to take her order and flustered, she orders something she doesn’t even want. As she watches the waiter walk away she resists a ridiculous urge to call him back so she wouldn’t have to be alone with this man. Not that she didn’t want to be. He just made her nervous in a way she couldn’t quite understand.


With the waiter gone, he knows she’s run out of stalling time. He grins openly at her as she is forced to look at him. The nervous tension that tightens her features relaxes into a look of exasperation when she sees his broad smile.

“What?!” she demands.

He can see a flush rising in her cheeks and finds it utterly disarming. “What?” he returns, innocently.

“You’re looking at me. Stop it” she says, lifting up her coffee to take a sip, something to do. Unable to keep a straight face, she laughs into her coffee cup. A bit of cream rubs off on her upper lip and she licks it off. He finds her sexiest in these little accident moments. 


“I have to look at you. I’m sitting right in front of you” he says, maddeningly calm while she’s making a fool of herself. She hates and loves the way he stares at her with that almost insolent gaze. A gaze that plays at innocence while actually having absolutely no sense of decency about it. Confident. Brazen, even. Maddening. Sexy. She can feel him searching her face, enjoying her discomfort. It tickles and annoys her at the same time.


She bites her lip and finally meets his gaze. Holds it. Everything she is feeling for him – the attraction, the genuine liking, the half-fear – he can see it all in her face…in the uncertain biting of her lip to her flickering eyes – at once bold, at once faltering.

“So”, she announces with a burst of confidence. “Say something”. She smiles. Challenging. Playful. He has an sudden, uncharacteristic urge to lean forward and kiss her regardless of where they are.


She wonders what he’ll say. Struggles not to cave in and grin like a five year old while she waits for his answer.

To her surprise, he looks at his Blackberry for the time. “I have to go” he announces, all business. She feels her smile flicker and fade, unable to hide her disappointment. The meeting was a chance one, and possibly a risky one too, but she had hoped it would last longer.

“Oh” is all she can manage.

He watches her for a moment. Takes a breath and says, “Let’s meet. On purpose”.


He smiles inwardly at the look on her face. She opens her mouth to say something, thinks better of it and remains silent. Regards him warily.

He leans forward till his fingertips are brushing hers on the table top. Her face registers the touch – her eyes quickly flick downwards and then back up to his face – but she says nothing.

“We’ll talk” he says lightly, breaking the tension. She gives him that smile that he likes so much – the one she breaks into when she can’t hold it in.

“What’ll we talk about?” she asks curiously.


He grins at her. “Of cabbages and kings…”

With that, he gets up. The fingers that had touched hers so briefly on the table rise to gently rest on the base of her chin, tipping it up to him. He doesn’t say anything, just smiles into her eyes and walks away.

She watches him disappear and appear again, amidst the crowd in the busy cafe. Sees the light blue of his t shirt for a split second before it vanishes out the door. She settles back in her chair.




Of cabbages and kings, she thinks with a slight smile.

Somehow, it was the perfect answer.

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The real truth is, I probably don't want to be too happy or content. Because, then what? I actually like the quest, the search. That's the fun. The more lost you are, the more you have to look forward to. What do you know? I'm having a great time and I don't even know it. - Ally McBeal

46 thoughts on ““Of cabbages and kings…””

  1. Ooooooooh … how you describe every little detail … right down to the mammoth sized butterflies …


    Love it Gypsy!!!

  2. aargh

    ok that left a big grin on my face, it was so cute.. and no i did not just admit that, cos that would imply im a romantic, and i would NEVER admit that!!


  3. hey gypsy, really wonderful post. I really like the fact that you try to look at the thing from a guy’s perspective… niiiiice i love it! :)

  4. Z – Ahh, gotta love those mammoth butterflies…

    Gehan – I published your comment by ‘mistake’. Now the whole of the blogosphere (or the fraction who read my blog anyway) knows you’re a romantic. Oopsie.

    Makuluwo – Yay! Been toying with this post for a while, wondering what its reception would be. Glad it’s been positive so far. Thanks! :)

    Iromi – Thanks babe!

    Anon – I find men’s reactions to women interesting so I try and delve into their side of things every now and then. Mix things up a little :) Thanks for your comment, really glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Black Rose – Thanks babe :)

    TCD – Your comments are so good for my ego! Haha, thank you :)

    Charm Bracelet – The “say something” was actually inspired by yours truly. Actually the girl is basically me on a first date with someone I really like. I become a blathering idiot who says things like “say something” and hopes for intelligent conversation to ensue. Kudos to the man who makes that happen ;)

  6. RD: Dammit R, YOU just gave it away! I was being so cryptic about it all and look what you went and did! :P

    Charm Bracelet – Agreed :)

  7. OKAY! Here’s the deal: I’m running out of inventing positive comments to give you! Because your writing is so awesome men! We’ll just settle with either;

    1. Good
    2. Awesome
    3. Extraordinary

    So from now on it’s gonna be just either one of those words. OK? It’s because I get lost when I try to describe your work! So don’t take it the wrong way if I just comment using one word. You’ll know what I mean every time I do from now on… :P

    Btw; THIS was : (3) Excellent!


  8. Serendib – I love that my posts make you smile :)

    WDR – Haha, your comment was hilarious. And don’t only use one word!!! Keep it inventive ;)

    T – POU’s can be sexy too you know!

    JJ – Thanks, I will. Hopefully!

  9. talk about positive feedback!!

    you’re not getting any from me! :P for one reason or the other!

  10. nice post. but oh no, is POU permanent now? what have I done! someone remember to give me a heads up the next time RD visits sl.

  11. maaan…i had to come right down so muany comments to find this box :o..i guess everyones said it all. love it! :)

  12. Man, the scroll down here took forever on my phone screen…
    And now I’m not even sure what I was about to say.

    What they all said. I’m sure it stop it up.

  13. Gehan – Hell no, I love comments, I am SO putting it up!

    Jerry – Thank you, lol.

  14. I look like the joker now. My grin has officially spread from one ear to the other. I’m going to sleep minus the neurosis tonight thanks to you and this lovable post of yours!

  15. TMS – Yay! Good girl. Keep the neurosis at bay and keep that adorable grin of yours on your face at ALL TIMES, you hear me? If you need to vent, you know I’m around :) Mwah!

  16. Beautiful post Gypsy, as always! :)
    If I may, what was it that you wanted to say to him when he announced that he had to leave?

  17. * Interesting question, Absent. I don’t have a clear idea in my head really. It’s one of those moments where she would have had a hundred thoughts rushing around in her head. Should she? Shouldn’t she? Was he just teasing her? What she serious? Was she scared? Why was she excited? Did she want to go there? Would she be brave enough? …And the list goes on :)

    * Thanks so much Ms. Spice :)

    * I know, right? I wrote the entire post around that line, which came to me one night a few years ago when I was in uni! Pity I can’t say it’s mine. But still. The reference is probably the reason it’s so cool!

  18. it’s awful. what happens next? you can’t make me read all that and read 38 comments and not tell me what happens next! that’s just evil.

    actually, i kid. that was really nice. very pulls-at-the-heart-strings-ish. i just don’t handle curiosity well. no part 2?

  19. Pissu – I started off reading this and thinking this was the first negative comment I’ve received yet. But then it wasn’t. So yay! Lol.

    Part 2 would be…. complicated. But it’s definitely an idea I will mull on.

  20. this is my first time reading ur blog and I must say I just LOVED this.. teehee.. had a huge grin on my face the whole time.. everything you wrote is just oh-so-familiar :D

    you are so on my list of must-reads from now on! ;-)

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